With winter now settling in and Christmas fast approaching, an escape to Mauritius to celebrate a family reunion centred around a wedding was sensational.

The contrast of atmosphere between the cosy northern hemisphere and the tropical south could not be stronger, with the latter inviting al fresco dinners and enchanted garden parties. There is something magical about sitting outside under the Banian trees, looking far on the horizon while the sun reflects its last golden rays on the sea and just being together with friends and family to celebrate a wedding party…


Outdoor parties create unique opportunities to play with lighting effects and add drama and atmosphere to the special event. Celebrations, like weddings and anniversaries, that revolve around ‘love’ work best and the wow factor can be build using all the natural elements where the location of the party is taking place. Fusing the rustic with the formal invites the guests to relax, to drink and dine and engrave a lasting impression in their hearts.

Good outdoor lighting requires a variety of effects and layers of light can be hanged, draped or displayed differently to add to the enchanted mood.

  • Twinkling lanterns of different sizes, with warm LED candles, guides the way for the guests, inviting them to take in the enchanted surroundings and the view beyond.
  • Hanging decorative lanterns from the trees, illuminated from within, is a great way to create a spectacle and focus while the festoon lights attached to tree branches offer soft and decorative lighting. Lightweight and easy to hang, they create a warm illuminating area for a whimsical canopy effect.
  • Sparkling fairy lights dripping from the trees offer an outdoor display nothing short of magical and create the accent lighting piece needed to bring the everyday décor to life.
  • Drama is added and the space transformed by uplighting the various trees to provide an indirect light source, accentuating the texture and colour of the tree bark and playing with the shadows created.

Swept away by the moment in such beautiful natural environment, I was happy to sit down and take it all in… and allow a parcel of this magical evening to stay in my heart forever.

Decorative lanterns blowing in the wind


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