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Layering of light, by Splash Of Light

The initial visit: During a no obligation visit, Virginie will find out more about your project. She will have a detailed discussion around your lighting design ideas and requirements and talk about the services that she can offer.

Every lighting design project is unique in its requirements and they vary hugely in size, complexity, style, technical requirements and budget but each design is carefully plan and develops along these phases:

The Brief: Virginie will identify your specific needs and desire, define the function, the activities and uses of the space so as to understand how you move and live within this specific area. This allows Virginie to create a unique and distinctive lighting design scheme for each individual client.

The Concept Design:  A variety of mood/concept boards and a detailed explanation of the proposed design scheme will be communicated to you. Virginie will discuss the proposed lighting solutions and how the various layers of light emphasize the architectural features and enhance the final result of the space.

 Lighting plan and Electrical plan: A suitably marked up Lighting Plan and Electrical Plan using the architects Floor Plan drawings where each circuit is noted and the positions of the fittings and lighting control used marked clearly. The plans will be reviewed until you are completely satisfied with the design scheme.

Specification: A detailed specifications of all the lighting fittings, equipment and the lighting control used and their detailed cost analysis will be given to you. A lighting schedule is also produced.

Implementation: Virginie will meet the contractor and electrician at the start of every project and attend site visits regularly during the first and second fix of the build and is happy to help  sort out any unforeseen lighting issues that might occur. Splash of light manages the sourcing of the architectural and decorative fixtures used for each project and organises the supply of the various fixtures and lighting control used.

Commissioning: A final commissioning visit is done at the end to make sure you are entirely happy with the Lighting Design scheme; final adjustment is provided to the light fittings angles and the lighting control equipment.

 For the project’s vision to materialise as beautifully and functionally as planned, it is vital that Virginie works as closely as possible with your architect, contractor, electrician or interior designer.

“From start to finish, Virginie was thorough, insightful and intuitively came up with great designs and was very professional and timely throughout the whole build and installation. We cannot recommend her more highly.”
~ Laura and Robert N

Exterior Lighting

Lighting adds another dimension to an outdoor space. It creates a totally different view of the garden at night and allows your garden to be enjoyed  throughout the different hours of the day and seasons of the year.  The best results will always come from treating your garden gently with light and focusing the lighting in the right places. The feeling of space from the inside is then extended as your eye is drawn to the view beyond.

For further information about Exterior Lighting , please get in touch here.

If you would like to discuss your project further, please get in touch

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