Winter is here…

There is a different quality to the natural light. It is softer and creates longer shadows. With night-time descending more quickly, we want the rooms at home to feel warm and atmospheric in the evening. Using several sources of warm light to create various pools of light helps to achieve this cosy, cocooning feeling.

It is the play of light and shadow that gives the room another dimension and creates its magic! Experimenting with a combination of different light effects within your room is vital to give depth and interest to any space. Each effect can be selected to fulfil either a practical need, a decorative one or create visual impact and at times some of the fixtures play all these roles together. The right type of illumination can show off a favourite piece of artwork, and careful alignment of lighting with architectural features reveal them to the eye. It is vital to control each of these layers of light individually as the various intensity of the light from each effect is what gives it its spice.

How to achieve a harmony between all these effects can sometimes be challenging. This is where a lighting designer’s vision and expertise knowledge is really helpful to create a sense of well being and show your interiors at its best. Among many other things, the lighting designer will select the correct lighting products which will provide the quality and quantity of light needed for the specific task to be done with ease; make sure that the compatibility between the light fitting, drivers and lighting control work well together; source the right architectural fittings and decorative lighting which will complement the style of your house.

Be inspired by the cosiness and comfort that winter evenings give…create your little nook where it feels good to curl up with a good book, surrounded by soft lighting and objects that you love and if you start a bigger project, do not hesitate to contact Virginie, from Splash of Light, to help.

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