I was born in Mauritius where the tropical sun creates endless shades of colours in the sky and on the sea. When I am at home, I often sit outside in the early hours of the morning and gaze at the horizon waiting for the sun to start its journey in the sky and create its magic. I am never disappointed. Maybe that is where my love of lighting all started….

Many years before Splash of Light, I trained as a general nurse, specialised in various different fields and worked in South Africa, Mauritius and London. Taking a career break after the birth of my second child I always thought that I would go back to nursing when my last daughter started school. However, at that time, I was diagnosed with cancer and it was while recovering and thinking of what to do next in my life that I discovered that I could use my love of light in a very creative way.

While at a design fair, I heard an inspiring lighting designer talk. Lucy Martin’s passion and energy for designing with light was contagious. To be able to use light to reveal the beauty of a room, to have a magical partnership between light and shade within interiors and understand how to manipulate the mood and atmosphere of a space with light was an eye opener to me. I came home thinking: “That’s what I want to do!” There was an opportunity to be developed as so many changes were happening in the lighting industry and the technology was evolving rapidly.

The road to get there though took a bit longer…there were wonderful times and challenging times but when the going got tough a little phrase often resonated in me:
“ The only failure in life is the failure of not trying” so I kept going. Eventually, thinking of the morning sunrise over the sea in Mauritius, Splash of Light was created, my new career as a lighting designer was on its way. I never looked back.

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